As mentioned in the previous post, our roving pirate reporter MUM the pirate cook attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival and filed this report. Unfortunately in the clutter I forgot to post this report and so with a “better late than never report” I present MUM.

 Arrr! I be startin’ to believe I’m under a rain curse. It seems whenever I head down to see me mates in Maryland that I get rained upon. This year’s festivities were no different with the cold gray Saturday morning turning to rain that afternoon and a frigid gray Sunday.  But despite this harsh weather it couldn’t dampen me spirit.  As always I began me day with a glass of cider and the music of the Pyrates Royale.  Again I watched the hilarious sisters of the Hey Nunnie Nunnie and procured a much needed get out of hell free card.  I then took some time to procure some supplies like healing potions which conveniently came with their own belt holders to keep the potion close at hand.  After resupplying I caught the raunchy O’Danny Girls, the Hooligans and the Rambling Sailors at the Whitehart Tavern.  Lunch as always was fresh corn, fried peasant bread and fried mac and cheese on a stick.  The day ended with the rollicking pub sing that even the rain could not stop.

Thanks for the report MUM – sounds like another wet year but that the rain can never get you down

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
~April 24, 2012~

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