As per his usual MUM the pirate cook attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival last weekend.  He filed this report when he returned. Unfortunately in the clutter of my office I forgot to post this report and so with an apology for its lack of promptness I present MUM.

Arrr! I really be believin’ I am cursed with rain, as yet again when I went down to see me mates in Maryland the sky filled with dark clouds.  Saturday began all gray and rainy and gave way to a cold gray Sunday.  But who am I to let water dampen me spirits?  I began the day as is tradition with a mug of cider and the music of the Pyrates Royale.  This was followed by the always hilarious O’ Danny Duo.  I was saddened to see that they no longer sell that fair delicacy Peasant Bread.  So I had to have me an exotic Belgian waffle instead.  Then we went to gather provisions from the local shops.  I got me a heavy wood hammer which will come in handy when dealing with the ship’s rats.  I also purchased a set of wearable colors for the Pyrates Royale and the fair.  On Sunday we were treated to the music of the Crimson Pirates and the three sirens of Sirena.  Me boson then challenged me to a game of archery at which we tied.  As always the fair ended with the rowdy Pub Sing.  There is one more weekend left of this celebration and I would suggest ye get down there and have a good shore leave.

Thanks for the report MUM – sounds like another wet year but that the rain can never get you down.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~

~October 18, 2013~

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