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Arrr! It be me, ye favorite pirate cook MUM, back ta remind ya all it be Talk Like a Pirate Day.  One o’ me favorite holidays of the year, next ta good old Plundering Day.  So all ye land lubbers out there best be  speaking the Queen’s English correctly today or we might just have ta keel haul ya.  So everyone say it with me: “Arrrr! It be a fine day for practicing our proper speechifying.”  If you still need a hand, remember there’s always my handy little guide for the nautically impaired available for a small fee, of course.

The Cabin Boys Pocket Pirate Handbook

And fer even more Piratical fun, clap yer peepers on these products

Blades of the Buccaneers Swords Foils and Cutlasses of the Sea

Blades of the Buccaneers The Weapons of Captain Red Jack Roberts

And o’ course there’s the bundle we share with our other piratical friends.

A Pirate Life for Me!

~MUM the pirate Cook~

~September 19, 2014~

As mentioned in the previous post, our roving pirate reporter MUM the pirate cook attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival and filed this report. Unfortunately in the clutter I forgot to post this report and so with a “better late than never report” I present MUM.

 Arrr! I be startin’ to believe I’m under a rain curse. It seems whenever I head down to see me mates in Maryland that I get rained upon. This year’s festivities were no different with the cold gray Saturday morning turning to rain that afternoon and a frigid gray Sunday.  But despite this harsh weather it couldn’t dampen me spirit.  As always I began me day with a glass of cider and the music of the Pyrates Royale.  Again I watched the hilarious sisters of the Hey Nunnie Nunnie and procured a much needed get out of hell free card.  I then took some time to procure some supplies like healing potions which conveniently came with their own belt holders to keep the potion close at hand.  After resupplying I caught the raunchy O’Danny Girls, the Hooligans and the Rambling Sailors at the Whitehart Tavern.  Lunch as always was fresh corn, fried peasant bread and fried mac and cheese on a stick.  The day ended with the rollicking pub sing that even the rain could not stop.

Thanks for the report MUM – sounds like another wet year but that the rain can never get you down

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
~April 24, 2012~

We’re back finally with another Faire and Con Report.  This weekend our roving pirate reporter mum will be attending the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  As always this faire is set during the reign of King Henry the Eighth and every year features a story about his reign. This year Henry is celebrating his 35th year on the throne by planning for the future of his monarchy.  Henry plans to wed his son to the infant Mary Queen of Scots but first he must convince her mother of the arrangement.  This faire is always one of our favorite faires and this year is sure to be no different so if you’re in the neighborhood come out and see it.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
~September 29, 2011~

With the Holiday season upon us, our friend Claus has dropped off a present for all of our friends at Healing Fireball. 

Happy Holidays! 

If you want more Yuletide cheer, cherk out or holiday-themed Two Bit Tables, Gifts with Unique Style and What to Give the Adventurer Who has Everything.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~

~December 24, 2010~

With another All Hallows’ Eve upon us, your friends here at Healing Fireball Publications have dug their way out of the grave to bring you a special treat.  Or is it?  Well, that would be up to you, as below we present two free bonus products to be enjoyed on this, the spookiest night of the year.

So, what’s it going to be?

Trick or Treat

 If you enjoyed this little surprise then why don’t you take a look at Ebenezer Killjoy’s latest rant The Sages Must be Crazy: Tricky Treats?  This newest treatise from our noted humorless mage targets those that would pervert sweet treats into devilish tricks and contains a collection of 7 candy-themed spells and 10 sweet alchemical and magical items.  So don’t miss out and trick your party tonight.  It’s time to lighten up your world a little because the sages must be crazy.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~

~October 28, 2010~

Clawing its way up from the grave like a hungry zombie, Healing Fireball Publications lurches free of the scythe of death and returns with a vengeance.  It has been a full year since I last posted on this blog and almost a full two months since we posted a new product.  A lot has happened to this company in that time and I do apologize for the missing Faire and Con reports but unfortunately we were not able to make many faires this summer.  I shall hopefully recap the few faires we attended and other interesting happenings in later belated reports.

But now on to the update:  with Halloween approaching, we fittingly shamble back to  life with a candy and mischief-themed product The Sages Must be Crazy: Tricky Treats.  This latest lighter-side-of-gaming product concentrates on candy and sweet-themed spells and items with a mischievous twist.  Additionally, watch for our Halloween bonus products, free on this site: each one contains items that can’t be found in any of our other products.

Additionally, we will be continuing the Two Bit Tables collection of mundane encounters by environment, with locations like swamp and jungle coming.  I am still fine tuning that collection of religious-themed Just Add Dice books and will have them out soon.  Finally, watch this site for more free bonus items in the months to come.  Roaring back to life with a vengeance, your friends at Healing Fireball Publications.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~

~October 27, 2010~

As previously reported, our resident roving pirate reporter MUM the pirate cook attended the Adventure Pirate Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago and filed this report.

Arrr! It seems to be me fate that when it comes time to get together with me pirate mates it always goes and rains. But as before the rain could not dampen the spirit of the revelry. I started me day by heading to the White Hart Tavern to start me day with some cider, the Pyrates Royale and the O’ Danny Girls shows. After the shows I spent some time shopping before I got some peasant bread and corn for lunch. We returned to the pub to see the Crimson Pirate show and then went to the Lyric stage to see a comedy show called Hey Nunnie Nunnie. Finale as always the day ended with a raucous pub sing. In all it was another fun and raucous celebration of all things piratical.

Thanks for the report MUM – it sounds like there’s nothing that can keep a good pirate down.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
~October 18, 2008~

A few weekends ago we decided, having secret mariner souls, to go to Independence Seaport and Museum at Penn’s Landing. The museum was hosting a special exhibit about the history of tattooing and maritime professions. It was interesting to learn about the many traditions sailors had involving tattoos. In addition to this exhibit the museum had a large collection of other displays tracing the history of nautical tradition from the days of sail to the modern freighters and war ships. The admission also included access to a submarine called Becuna and the battleship Olympia, both of which have been restored and are packed with interesting facts throughout. In all well worth the admission fee, so if you love maritime history and want to walk around a classic war ship this is the place to go.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
     ~August 12, 2009~

It’s that time of year again – the Maryland Renaissance Festival is having its pirate weekend. For our readers that have not visited this one, here is the rundown of this faire’s stats. It is set during the reign of King Henry the Eighth and every year features a story about his reign. This year Henry is single again and on the prowl for his next queen. One of his former queens, Anna of Cleves, has returned, hoping to win back Henry for herself. As always are roving pirate reporter MUM will be attending this year’s celebration of all things piratical and adventures at the Adventure Weekend the weekend of September 26. This faire is always one of our favorite faires and this year is sure to be no different so if you’re in the neighborhood come out and see it.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
   ~September 23, 2009~

A few weeks ago our roving pirate reporter MUM attended the Irish and Scottish weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair and filed this report:

Arrr! At the urging of one o’ me Irish mates we sailed over to the Pennsylvania Renaissance fair to attend their celebration of all things Irish and Scottish. The day was bright and the wind was breezy and cool. Once we entered the village I purchased me breakfast – a Scottish creation of a sausage wrapped hard boiled egg called a Scotch egg. We then wandered over to O’Malley’s Pour House Stage to watch the royal concert with the queen. From there we headed over to they tap room and the Swashbuckler’s Stage to eat some corned beef and cabbage and watch the rogues perform. We then wandered around for much of the rest of the day and shopping. I gots me some spices to make me own mead and a bottle of fine spiced apple wine. In all it was a fine day at the faire and we sailed home happy.

Sounds like another fine day of music and feasting MUM; thanks for the report.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
   ~September 23, 2009~

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