As I was going through my research notes from the last year I noticed some common trends in the holidays I researched for Digby O’Flannagan’s Year of Celebrations logs.  I have collected these observations into a single document and, for completeness sake, I will release them here for all those that have been following these logs.  These notes were also added to the notes section of the collected logs known as A Year of Celebrations: A Year in the Human Lands so if you have purchased that book these notes are redundant but, for those that have bought the individual logs as they came out, this completes the set.

A Year of Celebrations Notes

For those that have not read one of Digby’s logs, each product in the Year of Celebrations line chronicles the traditions and histories of a collection of holidays found throughout the land.  Additionally, further annotation is provided by Digby in the form of advice for performers and merchants.  For the more scholarly (read: Game Masters) I have provided a collection of notes giving advice on how to use the presented holidays in your game and several plot hooks for each holiday.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
~April 24, 2012~

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