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Greetings All,

This is Flash here, bringing you the up-to-date news from the Western Front. Healing Fireball Publications currently has a number of products being developed simultaneously and The Healer was kind enough to start the ball rolling, so I am here to tell you about some more of the products you can look forward to being released soon by HFP.

In the Curious Items line, work is being done on three separate products: “Gentlemen’s Magic Items” dealing with alternate magic items for socially oriented games; “Goggles and Eyewear” for all your enchanted optical needs; and “Scarves” because let’s face it, if your character isn’t rocking a scarf, he or she isn’t looking their best.

These three projects are closest to completion, but keep an eye out here for another update soon, including information on a new product line: Mythos.