As the blog has been up for a while but none of my cohorts seam to have time to post, and since at the moment I am the most active member of the Healing Fireball staff, it has fallen to me to take the lead on this new project.  So, I figured what better place to start than with a rundown of my overall vision for this part of the site.  To begin with, I would define the style of this blog as “freeform.”  By this, I mean at least I will not be attempting to set a regular weekly posting schedule.  I will post willy-nilly and when time allows.  But what I will do to keep some semblance of order is to post in one of two ways: spontaneous one time posts whose content will be random, and fixed subject posts that will reoccur over and over again.  As an example of this second type of post, I plan to regularly post an “At Our Table” section explaining the games we are playing.  I will encourage my other cohorts to also post in some of these fixed columns.   

The types of posts that will be posted here will run the gamut from funny stories to previews of our upcoming products to important moments in our lives or games.  As we have received a rather warm response from the gaming community we decided we should return the favor.  I also hope to expand the links on this blog to include the other parts of our site as well as some of our favorite places on the web, such as Ren Faire links and links to our favorite gaming companies.

Finally, I am aware that at the current time you cannot leave comments or interact with us.  I hope to alleviate this problem soon as one of my major goals is to interact with and get feed back from the community.  So, as soon as we can work the kinks out of the softwhere we hope to allow you to join our community and leave us a comment.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer~      
~Mach 18, 20008~ 

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