When we started this page and, in fact, this company, we really did not expect the amount of response that we received.  We figured we would be lucky if we sold enough to support the site.  But the response has been wonderful.  We received our first check today from book sales and we here cannot thank you enough for receiving us as warmly as you have. 

So in light of this warm reception, our goals for the web have expanded from just maintaining a site for our product to also providing a place where the gaming community can come and interact with us and each other.   

This blog is the first step in this process.  We hope to use this as a place to let you behind the curtain and let you in to our thought processes and give you a glimpse at our lives and our games.  At this point, we will also use this as a place to get your feedback and comments. 

We plan in the future to expand this interaction even further to include a forum where you can come and talk directly.  We hope to create a place where the community can come and discuss gaming and the art of Role Playing.  Finally, as always, we would like to hear from you suggestions, ideas and (gulp) complaints – feel free to drop us a line.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer~     
~Mach 18, 20008~ 

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