This is a post that I hope will become semi-regular on this blog.  I hope that both I and my partners can use this as a place to keep you our audience informed on what we are working on and give you a sneak peak of what will be coming out soon.  I also hope it is a place where we can get your feedback on our current projects. 

With all that out of the way, let me start my first project update.  In addition to my regular job as a biochemist and graduate student, I also have a very full plate of projects for Healing Fireball.  First, I am continuing to work on more titles in our new Just Add Dice line of books.  This line is dedicated to books that present tables for randomly generating a single place, item or encounter. Currently, we have a Tavern Generator available but I am in the final stages of a group of ship cargo books designed to generate cargo in different times and I have a large number of ideas that are in preliminary planning stages. 

I am working on a new line of game aides called the Combat Cards as well.  These index size and half page size cards will present quick and easy reference to game rules that often cause games to slow down or stop as players have to look up the rules.

 I am also working on another guide book similar to our original Squire’s Guide to all Things Knightly or the Cabin Boy’s Pocket Prate Handbook to be sold at the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom this year.  The book will be a guide to vampire hunting and will feature facts about the history of vampires and the tools used to kill them.  Finally, I have a small personal project I am working on about the use of holy symbols in game.  It is in its tentative stages and I will reveal more as I progress with the project.  

Well that’s it that is my current project load; I hope to post more of these in up coming weeks to update you on what I am working on and as always we would appreciate your feedback so feel free to drop us a line or post a comment.   

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~     
~March 27, 2008~

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