I would like to start this entry by first acknowledging that I have not been fulfilling the promises I made in the early entries about my visions for both the blog and the web page.  Unfortunately, between work our publishing schedule and my other responsibilities I have admittedly neglected the web page and I apologize. That said, I have been working on several new categories for the blog and updates for the ones we already have so expect more activity in the coming months.

To start this new phase off right, I would like to unveil our new category – the Faire and Con Report.  For those of you who don’t know, when I am not gaming in the summer, one of our major activities is to attend Renaissance faires.  My wife and I even work for the local NJ Renaissance Kingdom and Faire.  In fact, the Healing Fireball Publications brand was founded specifically to brand the pirate and knight guides I wrote for publication at this faire.  So, since Renaissance faires have been so much a part of both mine and Healing Fireball’s history it only seemed right to create a category about them.

So what will you find in this category?  Well I’m glad you asked – my hope is that each one of these reviews will give a travelogue of our trip to a faire or convention.  With my wife’s help, I hope to post pictures of our day and descriptions of our experience.  In some cases I hop to offer a plot teaser for the faire’s main story line.  I will offer links to the faire’s main web page and to some of the shops we our friendly with.  Finally, I hope to add a Faire and Con link section to the links section of the blog.  So until next time –
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~     
~May 3, 2008~

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