Hello and welcome to yet another installment of product previews.  Again I find that for this week’s prevue I must turn this column over to another of our resident guide writers – Alfred Sergeant, Loyal Man-At-Arms for Sir Owain, to explain his work.  Hail and well met, gentle reader.  As mentioned above, I am the loyal Man-At-Arms for Sir Owain, loyal knight to King Arthur of the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom.  As such I have fought many battles and seen much of the knights’ ways.  So, when Healing Fireball Publications asked me to put pen to paper and record my knowledge so that it could help aspiring young squires, I readily agreed.  Below you will find a sample of this document to peruse and see its quality.  I thank you in advance for your time and hope you find my work enlightening.

A Squire’s Guide to All Things Knightly DEMO

Thanks, Alfred, for that introduction. If you liked what the Squires’ quite has to offer you can get the full guide for only $5.00 by clicking here.  The full guide is a whopping 43 pages of in-character knightly facts, including extensive descriptions of noble/church titles and their relationships, several historic/literary codes of chivalry/courtly love and large sections on the armor and weapons used by knights.  Each copy of the squires’ guide also comes with a gigantic 67-page role playing appendix chock full of advice for playing several different styles of knights, on designing a chivalric code and using honor, combat tactics used by knights, advice for game masters and much, much more.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
      ~May 7, 2008~

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