To start this update on our web page and the blog I would like to give my wife Carol the many thanks she deserves for the redesign of the main web page and the product page as well as her continuing work on designing the store front at RPGNow. So again thanks goes to my wife for all the work that has been done and probably all the work that will be done.

Now on to the updates. The main Healing Fireball page has had a new blog icon added to it, making a more permanent link to the blog and removing the small link that was easily missed. The product catalog page has finally been completely redesigned to be more user-friendly. The main page has been better designed with a nicer visual appearance, while the subcategories have been better organized into grouped tables under the different broad categories. As for the store front at RPGNow, we have finally added the subcategories to the main page allowing you to view all the products in a single line at the same time. Also my wife completed the massive task of linking all the related products together through links on their description page. We hope this makes the web pages more useful and easier to navigate.

As for the continuing work on the web page we our hoping to get the long-awaited form up and running and to place a link similar to the blog link on the front page. Work is also continuing to utilize all the tools that RPGNow offers to make the store front more useful to our customers. As for the often-ignored child of Healing Fireball’s web page, the blog, I am still unfortunately unable to post on a more regular basis because of my other job’s workload. I will, however, try to put more effort into this part of the web page. To start I have plans to update the links section with more Faire and Con links as well as add a Friends of Healing Fireball section for some miscellaneous links. I also do hope to get the long awaited At Our Table category up and running to give you a glimpse at our own games. Second, I will be hopefully making more entries in the Faire and Con Reports section in September and October. Finally, I will be announcing a new blog category known as Wandering Fireball. This category will be a travelogue like the Faire and Con Reports, but this new category will be for more general travels. This new category will also have an associated links section where any links to the visited places will go. So until next time –
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
  ~September 16, 2008~

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