With Talk like a Pirate Day fast approaching I figured now would be a good time to introduce our new employee, Pete Dunham, who will be writing a line of nautical-themed books for us.  So with out further ado, I will turn this column over to Pete. 

Why, thank you, lad, but everyone calls me Old Pete or just “The Voice of the Sea,” a title I am quite fond of as I do strive to give voice to all the sea’s myriad tails.  Allow me to explain – I am both a scholar and a sailor and over the years I have collected the descriptions of strange phenomena, the tales of old salts and have even viewed some battles firsthand.  Now that my gunny sack is stuffed with notes, I chose to take Healing Fireball’s generous offer and have begun to publish me store in a set of volumes.  This first set will be concerned with the weapons of the pirates, their powers and the tales behind them.  The first volume of this set I have entitled Blades of the Buccaneers shall deal with the myriad of weapons used by the legendary Captain Red Jack Roberts and his partner in crime, Ezekiel Drake.  So, lad, just click the link below and see a sample of this new ledger. 

Blades of the Buccaneers DEMO  

Thanks, Pete, for that great introduction to your work.  If you enjoy the sample items you can get the full book at our store as of Friday 19, 2008 or Talk like a Pirate Day.  The full book contains 16 new weapons of an exotic, technical and nautical theme, as well as complete rules for weapon entrapping and beraking and 6 feats that alter these rules.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
  ~September 17, 2008~

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