Our roving pirate reporter MUM the pirate cook has returned from his day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and he filed this report.

Arrr! it was a fine day to revel in all things piratical.  The sky was clear and the weather cool and the breeze gentle.  Once I got in to the village I made a line for the tap room and the Swashbuckler’s Stage to see the bawdy shows of the Sultry Sirins of Sin and the Rakish Rogues.  I had me a plate of fine gourmet cheeses and breads for lunch and sampled the pubs finest Privateers Gold Ale.  Then me lads I journeyed over to O’Malley’s Pour House Stage to see the rowdy Celtic band Coyote Run and the magician Sir Isaac Fawlkes.  As the weather started getting cool I went over to the Royal Tea Shop and got me a glass of Ice Wine Tea to warm the bones.  On me way over to the Globe Stage for closing I stopped at the Pirate’s Treasure Ship and picked up an interesting dagger that also works as a pair of scissors and a pearl-handled strait razor that should help with the whiskers.  The finale at the Globe Stage was a raucus party worthy of a pirate, including fire breathing, music performances and dancing.  Finally on the way back to the ship i stopped by the wine shop and got a taste of warm spiced winter wine which was a fitting end to the day.

Well thanks for that great report, MUM, sounds like a raucus and rowdy pirate festival as always.

Sultry Sirins of Sin
~Christopher Baldi “The Healer”~
~October 13, 2008~

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