I realize that the posts of this blog are still sporadic and that we have not posted a product for a while.  Unfortunately, instead of getting lighter, work has gotten even more hectic.  I was gearing up for two presentations I will be doing at professional conferences in June as well as gearing up for a final push to finish my doctorate work.  So, sadly, it looks like this lull may continue for a while.

As for actual work for Healing Fireball Publications, I have managed to make a collection of tables for several Just Add Dice products centered around religion.   However, these tables need to be finalized and descriptions need to be added, which is harder than it sounds.  Particularly, laying out the tables in a way that is consistent and makes sense.  So you’ll be seeing these products soon – watch this space.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
       ~May 22, 2009~

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