Once again I am slow on the the posting because of my work schedule, but last Saturday we did attend the Lion’s West Windsor Renaissance Faire.  The day was a little muggy but otherwise perfect.  It was sunny and the sky was cloud-free, unlike the weather report claimed it would be.  Once again Round Table Jousting with our friends from Period Productions put on an exciting joust, always a highlight of the day.  When we went to watch the SCA battle we were also pleasantly surprised to see one of our old college friends among their number.  We talked for a while, watched the battle and then went shopping.  I bought myself a new cellphone pouch at our friends Lusty Leather, for my money they make some of the nicest leather products I have seen.  We wrapped up the day by listening to some pirate music.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
        ~May 22, 2009~

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