This year the New Jersey Renaissance Faire and Kingdom will be moving to the Red Mill Village Museum.  It also marks a return to New Jersey’s continuing Arthurian storyline.  The show will be running for the next two weekends in June (June 20, 21, 27 and 28).  Just as last year, Healing Fireball will also be there, the first weekend only, working at the gift shop and selling print copies of the original A Squire’s Guide to All Things Knightly, The Cabin Boy’s Pocket Pirate Handbook and the currently-only-available-in-print Stakes, Crosses and Garlic: A Hunter’s Guide to Vampires.  We will also be selling our parchment bookmarks in both pirate and medieval designs that are perfect for gaming books.  So come out and see us.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
       ~June 18, 2009~

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