A few weeks ago our roving pirate reporter MUM attended the Irish and Scottish weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair and filed this report:

Arrr! At the urging of one o’ me Irish mates we sailed over to the Pennsylvania Renaissance fair to attend their celebration of all things Irish and Scottish. The day was bright and the wind was breezy and cool. Once we entered the village I purchased me breakfast – a Scottish creation of a sausage wrapped hard boiled egg called a Scotch egg. We then wandered over to O’Malley’s Pour House Stage to watch the royal concert with the queen. From there we headed over to they tap room and the Swashbuckler’s Stage to eat some corned beef and cabbage and watch the rogues perform. We then wandered around for much of the rest of the day and shopping. I gots me some spices to make me own mead and a bottle of fine spiced apple wine. In all it was a fine day at the faire and we sailed home happy.

Sounds like another fine day of music and feasting MUM; thanks for the report.
~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~
   ~September 23, 2009~

  queens-music.jpg  mum-pipe.jpg

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