As anyone who has followed this blog is aware a large part of what made my posting and publication schedule so sporadic is that I was in the final stages of work on my doctorate in molecular biology.  Well I am proud to announce that I succeeded and am now Dr. Chris Baldi.  However with the completion of this degree also came the end of my job as a researcher and I had to scramble to find new employment.  After a month of unemployment I was finally able to get a post-doc position with a lab in Madison, Wisconsin.  So this meant that I had to pack up our life, find a new apartment and move across the country in a very short time.  So the last few months were spent in a hectic search for an apartment, a frenzy of packing and then an explosion of  unpacking that we are still recovering from.  However, the good news is that once I dig out from under my pile of junk and games I should have more time to devote to Healing Fireball Publications once again.  Hopefully this means that my posts will become more regular.  I would like to take this spot to thank all the fans and friends of Healing Fireball Publications for sticking with us and being patient through this last hectic year.

~Chris Baldi “The Healer”~

~October, 27, 2010~

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